I don’t focus on what you do, but why you do it.

My purpose is to make a difference, to be a history maker.

My mission is to unlock and unleash potential in leaders, their people and their organisations by empowering them to own and live out their core purpose and values.

01. Focus@2x
02. Integrity@2x
03. Excellence@2x
04. Relationships@2x
05. Creative@2x
06. Ethical@2x
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When I was 22 I quit my job as a graphic designer and took a year out to do voluntary church-based youth work. 10 years later I was running my own not-for-profit youth project in the West Midlands, with the sole purpose of recognising, unlocking and unleashing potential in the young people I worked with.

Audacious Creative was born in 2010 with the same mission. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of founders and their teams connect with the heart behind the business and then communicate it to their audience.

Although I started business life as a freelance graphic designer, the pandemic provided me with the opportunity to reflect on my direction and mission and make the transition to a more consultative role.

I’ve lived in the West Midlands for over 20 years. I’m married and the adoptive dad of 3 highly active kids. When I’m not playing taxi driver, I relax by watching movies, reading historical crime books & fantasy fiction, playing Xbox and I also play bass & guitar in my church worship team.

In the summer of 2024, I plan to walk the 300 miles of the Pennine Way so you’ll often find me at weekends traipsing around the wilds of Worcestershire with my faithful but very mental Springer Spaniel by my side and trying not to look too lost. Oh, and if you want to know exactly how my mind works, his name is Spaniel L. Jackson.



  • Are you struggling to define the values and purpose that will position your business for growth?

  • Are you wanting to attract better clients but finding it an uphill struggle?

  • Do your whole team live and breathe your vision and values? Are they all pulling in the same direction?

  • Do you recruit people who are good at what they do but don’t fit with your culture and team?

Let the adventure begin.