Every business needs a website, right? Well… probably… but what role does your website play in helping you market and grow your business?

Believe it or not, a website does more marketing than you think as it’s often the first time a potential customer can check out your business in some depth. Generally, people will visit your website through one of two ways. 1 – they’ve heard of you and are visiting your website to check it out or 2 – they’ve used Google (other search engines are available!) to search for something they want/need and have been directed to your website.

The first impression is always visual. What does your site look like? s it easy to navigate and find the right information? Does it work well on a mobile browser? If a website doesn’t stand out or appeal to a potential customer then they might be turned away thinking ‘if your website doesn’t look professional then how do we know that you’ll give us the service we need professionally.’ First impressions count!

The second impression is all about the content – what does your website communicate? It is important not to overload each page with huge amounts of content because people won’t necessarily want to read on. They would want you to get straight to the point. Give the reader top-line content: a short, snappy description of your products or service. Use well-chosen images and quotes. Make your words powerful. Make them count. If someone wants to read more, direct them to more content somewhere else on your site.

Another important aspect to most sites is a showcase or portfolio page. This is a great way to show all off your previous work you have done for other clients and to impress your future clients. The layout for this must be appealing so it makes the viewer click on the showcase to see some of the work that has been done in the past. Include testimonials in this section so all the content is in one place.

Getting the balance between great design and great content is challenging, but we like a challenge and we work with a great copywriter (Liz Painter at Comma Comma Copywriting) who helps our clients get the perfect content for their website.

At the end of the day, it’s a combination of both form and function. A great website has both. Does yours?

What do you think your website tells others about you? Does your site work on mobiles? Is it delivering the right message? Is it intuitive to use? If you could redesign your website again, what would you do differently? Share your stories here.