Have you ever considered how people feel when they see your logo? Have you thought about what values you are communicating through the typeface and the colours you use?

As a creative designer, these are two questions that I ask on almost a daily basis on behalf of our clients. Much of our time is spent helping businesses and not-for-profit organisations communicate effectively and powerfully to their audience and so we live in a world of type and colour – and what messages they give.

So let’s briefly look at these two elements: colour and type.


We all know that different colours mean different things. Red for instance can mean danger, stop!, Love passion and energy. Dark blue is often used by financial companies as it is a very trustworthy and serious and respectable colour. Yellow is optimistic and confident. Green can stand for Harmony eco-friendly balance or creativity depending on the tone of green that is used.

So it is vital to ensure that the values you want to communicate Match the colours that you use in your logo and your wider communications stream. The wrong colour, however nice, can communicate something that does not fit your company’s values.


In the same way the typefaces you use can powerfully communicate core values of your organisation. A big, bold, heavy typeface can denote Power strength and confidence. A script font (one that mimics handwriting) adds the personal touch. A slightly more ornate typeface can communicate traditional values or security.

Again, it is important to ensure that the typefaces you use across your Communication stream accurately deliver right values to the right people in the right way. 

So a couple of questions to finish with:

What values are most important to you?

What do you want your audience to feel when they see your logo?

Does your logo – especially your use of type and colour – communicate those values?

If not, what action are you going to take?

For more info, why not download the PDF help sheet from [ddownload id=”960″ text=”here”]