• Six 1-hour workshops / teaching sessions

  • Six 90-minute co-working sessions (but with direct input from me in a breakout room)

  • Three 30-min 1-on-1 consultancy sessions with business owner during the programme

  • Two 45-min monthly accountability sessions following the course

Each business will complete the programme with the following:

  • a clearly defined Core Purpose
  • a clearly defined set of Core Values (one word, one sentence)
  • a clear understanding of the kind of authentic culture you want to create in your business
  • a plan of how to embed the work into your business
  • a communication plan on how to get the message across both internally and externally

This is an opportunity for you (and your leadership team if you have one) to take a deep dive into the heart of what makes your business so great. What you do and, probably, how you do it may well not be different from your competitors. But your purpose, values and culture are. So this is a six-week focus on everything that helps you stand out from the crowd, hire and retain the best people, align your team to the values AND win the right kind of clients for you.

Think of the Nexus Programme as the ultimate team-building exercise that will motivate and inspire everyone to fulfil their potential and results in everyone pulling together in the same direction to help your business grow.

Yes, it’s hard work and takes time and commitment – but, then again, so does anything that is worth doing.


The primary aim of this session is to define what we mean by ‘Purpose’, ‘Values’ and ‘Culture’ and to explore why these are critical elements for your business to understand and implement into the life of the organisation. We will also briefly cover what the course covers and
introduce one of the core elements of the course: journalling.
The other aim of this session is to explore why you are on the course and what you expect to get out of it. What will be different about your business in the months following the course?


The primary aim of this session is to do a deep dive into your Core Purpose – your ‘why’.
We will look at some examples, examine the impact having your Core Purpose in place can have and begin the process to define your own. There will be some research and additional reading to be done in preparation for the co-working session.


The primary aim of this session is to do a deep dive into your Core Values – what you stand for. We will very briefly look at some examples, and look the impact having your Core Values in place can make. We will then go through our unique 6-question process to help tease out your core values. This is followed by the first 1-2-1 session.


The primary aim of this session is to look at the kind of authentic culture you want in your business and why. We will look at some examples in the real world and give you the chance to opportunity to begin to start defining the culture. Some background reading will be essential before the next co-working session.


So we’ve done the bulk of the programme and you’ve now got to the stage where you can begin (if you haven’t already) to begin to plan how you’re going to implement this in your business. There will need to be two elements: the strategy and the communication. This much shorter session will talk through this and answer any questions you might have. This is followed by the second 1-2-1 session.


This is not a teaching session but a time for everyone on the programme to reflect together on the journey so far and look at what challenges still lie ahead. We will also look at your next steps – now you’ve done the programme, how do go about making your plan a reality? This is followed by the third and final 1-2-1 session.


Following the programme there will be two 45 minute accountability sessions – one per month. This is time set aside for me to check in with you, see how your doing, help you address any challenges you are facing and to help you keep on track with the plan and the goals you have set aside. This can either be done in a group session (if all attendees are from the same business) or individually with just the business owner.