As you might have guessed from previous blog posts, we’ve moved recently and been working our way through the local takeout establishments. Within a 5 min walk there’s a pizza place, two Indian restaurants and an Indian takeout, two Chinese takeaways and a chippy. We never need to cook again!

On our first day in our new house I walked up and down the parade of shops getting takeout menus from all of them except the two Chinese places as they weren’t yet open.

A few weeks ago Mrs A and I fancied a Chinese and so I headed off to the one that always seems to be busy. As it happens, the food was excellent and we’ve not even tried the other one. Until last night. Again, we fancied a Chinese so I phoned and phoned the usual place but the line was permanently engaged. So I strolled down to find that it was closed.

So I went in to the other one to have a look and order some food. I ordered but they didn’t take plastic so I had to head of to a cash point.

Once I’d paid up, I asked for a menu to take home I was given an astonishing reply: “Sorry… no busy, no money.”

Really? Seriously? I was horrified. I wanted to ask them “How on earth do you expect people to order food from you if they don’t have a menu at home and no easy access to your phone number? No wonder you’re not busy!”

Surely the golden rule of selling has to be: make it easy for people to buy your product or service.

Now, I can completely understand small retailers not taking card payments. It’s an inconvenience but I can live with it if (a) I know in advance and (b) if there’s a cash point en route.

But for a takeaway restaurant to not have menus to take away is professional suicide for all the obvious reasons. It’s incredible. Astounding. So much so, I’ll say it again – no wonder they are not busy. When I told Mrs A she couldn’t believe it either!

So, dear reader, how are you making it easy for people to purchase your product or service? Is your website up to date and mobile friendly? Is your marketing message clear with obvious calls to actions. Are there just a few steps someone has to take to get to a point of sale? Do you communicate regularly with existing and former clients? Do prospective customers understand you and your values?

If you can answer yes to all of the above then brilliant! Well done! If not, then maybe, with a new year approaching, it’s time to review your marketing communications and see what might be getting in the way of making it easy for people to buy from you.