Social media is one of the biggest and most popular ways of outreaching to many different people across various locations. What was once a purely social platform has now become a huge part of the forever growing marketing industry. Every day millions of tweets, Facebook posts and pictures are uploaded onto multiple social media sites. But why is it important to a business?

Social media can play really important part in helping you keep in touch with your customers or target market. It’s a quicker and a more direct route to get your message across to a large number of people. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the core platforms but they play different roles. Facebook is an excellent way to shout about a recently completed project, to grow ‘customer engagement’ and build a powerful online community.

Twitter, on the other hand, is much more immediate social tool. Using # categorises your tweet, so anyone searching for a particular # can find your tweet. It’s also good, if you can, to namecheck a business or client using their @name. Good use of # and @’s is a good way to get people to retweet your tweet and get your message spread around. Here are a couple of example tweets

Great #networking meeting @BNIBromsgrove this morning. Thank you @BizSmarts for the awesome referral. #businessgrowth #leadgeneration #bromsgrove


Just putting the finishing touches to the new #website for @SaltleyTrust. Can’t wait for it to go live #webdevelopment #webdesign #charity

You can use hashtags to get a trend started on something you want people to know about. Doing this is a good way of expanding your businesses outreach.

LinkedIn is a really great way of following up on contacts and promoting your services and products to a business-focussed network. One of the other really great things about LinkedIn are the Groups. These are specific groups for likeminded people (such as WordPress Web Designers or Creative Design Pros). They can be a great place to demonstrate your expertise but also a brilliant way to tap into the wisdom and experience of the collective community.

Part of my role at Audacious Creative is to be part of the social aspect and get a better social outreach for the business , so we have found a program that can mange and schedule posts with very little effort called HootSuite. HootSuite is a very awesome and simple way to schedule your tweets, Facebook posts and pictures for multiple sites. We’ve been using it for a few weeks now and after the first week we had multiple favourites, retweets and more followers on twitter and likes and shares on Facebook! since then the results have continued to spike and we have been getting better results each time.

Remembering to tweet everyday at the right time is really difficult especially for time wise aswell, but remembering to schedule your tweets once a week or fortnight is a lot easier and makes for a more consistent social approach to your marketing.

How do you use social platforms to grow your business? Do you use it just for brand awareness or do you get good business from it? Let us know and share your stories.