YMCA Birmingham

The Project

Larger charities often have a corporate arm that helps bring in much needed revenue to support the charitable work they are involved in.

Birmingham YMCA is no exception and we were commissioned to design a brochure that promoted the new conference venue they had built in the heart of the city. The team at the YMCA had some very clear ideas about the look and feel of the piece but were not afraid to listen to advice from us as the design specialists.

One of the other challenges was fitting the design in around the very strict Brand Guidelines the YMCA had. On one hand we knew what our parameters were but these guidelines also restricted some of the more creative options we had so we had to tread a fine line between being being creative but staying within the guidelines.

On delivery of the final print work we had an email saying, “We’re absolutely delighted with this brochure – it goes above and beyond all our initial expectations. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this project and we look forward to working with you on future projects.”


For creatives, Brand Guidelines can be both a blessing and a curse but for our clients who have them, we work tirelessly to deliver creative but consistent design solutions. We even write Brand Guidelines for some of our clients to ensure that brand consistency moving forwards.

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