NewSong Community Church

The Project

This was a labour of love. We’re members of this church and were commissioned to create a “powerful and symbolic identity” for this local worshipping community. The challenge was that no traditional Christian symbols (the cross, doves, etc) were to be used.

It’s hard to design for a organisation you’re close to and part of as you lose some perspective so this took a lot longer than usual. The final version took several weeks to hone and refine and we made sure that every single element of the logo communicated something about the church and the Christian faith.

Here’s an excerpt from the brand presentation…

Main typeface: modern and clean but with rounded edges to soften the edges.
Secondary typeface: modern and clean, but readable and has wider uses (website, etc).
Palette: Rainbow speaking of the faithfulness and promises of God – a symbol of hope. The colours are also bright, energetic and vibrant – just like NewSong Church.
Individual elements: lettering made up of triangles to represent the Trinity but joined together in unity other each other to make a whole.
Gradients in elements: symbolising the journey of faith we’re all on, variety but coming together as one community and family. Also, most of the gradients on the left hand letters (NEW) travel from left to right and the lettering on the right (ONG) travel from right to left. This symbolises our journey into the heart and light of Jesus.
Overall appearance: like looking at colours through a stained glass window – symbolising the heritage and history of the church but also nature of faith.

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