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The Project

Working with startups is loads of fun because of the passion and enthusiasm of the client and Jenna was certainly no different! After our initial consultation we went away and came up with several different versions but this was the one that stood out to everyone and was a clear winner.

What does your brand creative say about  you? Does it fit you and your passion? Does it help communicate the heart and soul of your organisation? If it does – brilliant! But if not then maybe it’s time to revisit it and work towards a logo that begins to tell your story.

What The Client Said

Stu & I had a meeting to thoroughly discuss me as a person & to really dig deep into my personality. He wanted to find out exactly WHY I am running my business the way that I do. I had to really think about things in ways that I haven’t before. The result of our meeting & attention to detail that Stu took to create my logo really did bring tears to my eyes. He was more than spot on. He seemed to know me more that I knew myself, which is just bizarre!

For my colour scheme Stu somehow knew my favourite colours, these colours have been my favourite since I was a child (Bearing in mind we did not discuss this once) he somehow just knew.

I would recommend Stuart of Audacious Creative Communications LTD to anyone looking for that extra special graphic designer – just fabulous!

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