Hope at Home – Partner Pack

The Project

Following the design of the Annual Report, we then embarked on a designing a companion piece for Hope at Home – a Partner Pack.

This is a 6-page flyer aimed at challenging churches to parter with Hope at Home and either support them with resources or, more importantly, host a survivor of modern day slavery.

Again, the emphasis is on telling stories but also showing the credibility and good standing Hope at Home have with their referral partners and the success they are having.

We very much needed to keep the design ethos from the Annual Report and make them part of an ongoing marketing and audience engagement campaign over the course of 2019 and beyond.

It’s really important to not look at each piece of marketing design in isolation but to stand back, see the bigger picture, and design a suite of pieces that are clear, consistent and creative. That way many different touch points are created that all feel part of the same family and engender a sense of trust in the organisation.

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