Hope at Home – Annual Report

The Project

We’ve had the privilege to work with Hope at Home – a charity that works with survivors of modern day slavery – for over a year and provide a range of marketing and design support services from updating their WordPress website to bigger pieces like this Annual Report.

Charities and not-for-profit organisations have very powerful stories to tell about the huge difference that they are having on the lives of those they support. The vision for this 2019 Annual Report was not just to highlight the truly appalling facts and figures connected with modern day slavery but to tell stories of hope that would inspire readers to take action.

We understand the need of not-for-profit organisations to be responsible with their resources but we also recognise that telling stories in dynamic and creative ways can have a very powerful impact on those readers. People give time or money to an organisation because their emotions have been engaged and they’re inspired by the hope they read about. What stories have you got to tell that will inspire others to action?

What The Client Said:

1. What do you most value and appreciate about the service I provide?
Fast efficient responses and how you get under the skin of our organisation and understand who we are and why we exist.

2. What pains / issues / problems do you feel I solve for you and your business?
Design – we don’t have to think about it, just have a chat with you about ideas and then you come up with awesome stuff for us. Website – updating the WordPress site and making it do the things we need, saves lots of time and stress for us.

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