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The Project

Passion plays a really important part when it comes to branding and visual identity design. For those involved in Falconry, it’s more than a hobby or a job – it’s a passion – a calling. So when we were approached by GCB to work on a rebrand we wanted to capture that passion but also the history and heritage of the art of Falconry. But GCB also have a Pest Solutions side to their services so we needed to come up with two complementary designs that fitted both sides of the business but had their own unique flavour.

The shield was the obvious choice, denoting the heraldic history of Falconry but highlighting the protection offered by the Pest Solutions part of the business. The colours chose themselves –  dark green for the earth, a light blue for the sky and a lighter green for the eco-friendly pest solutions offered.

So three logos were designed – one for each wing (pun most definitely intended!) of the business and one the brought the two together. Once they were signed off we began work on flyers, posters and a website.


How do you use colour in your brand? Colour plays a huge part in communicating core elements and values in the business so what do your colours tell others about your business or organisation? Are they giving the right message? If you’re not sure why not get in touch and ask for a bit of friendly advice?

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