Easy Read Time Teacher

The Project

We’ve been working with Easy Read Time Teacher for over two years and work with them to create brand-consistent designs across all their print marketing.

For their 2019 Product Brochure we moved away from a product catalogue feel to a very lifestyle brochure approach. We used bolder colours, splash pages and bespoke hero statements to communicate the designer aspect of their products.

When we delivered this, the response was, “It’s beautiful! A great piece of work, thank you very much!”

One of the unique aspects of working with the team at ERTT is that most of the small design work is done via ScreenShare on Skype with the client so we can maximise design time and get an immediate sign-off. It’s an unusual way of working but highly efficient and the next best thing to being there in the office with them.

What The Client Said

1. What do you most value and appreciate about the service I provide?
That we’ve developed a good working relationship and you now have lots of knowledge about my business – our style, our marketing assets, our target audience. I also appreciate that you’re local and flexible. I like the way we work together on Skype, so that we can work on a project and make changes together in real time. It’s much quicker & less frustrating than sending documents back and forth.

2. What pains / issues / problems do you feel I solve for you and your business?
You have skills & software that we don’t possess, and you can create graphic designs for us quickly, due to your experience. The appearance of our leaflets, adverts and other marketing stuff has improved greatly since we started working with you, and it continues to improve all the time.

3. What do you feel I could improve on?
Tricky, I can’t think of anything, except it would be even better if you were sitting in my office and constantly on hand!

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