They say that print is dead and that digital is the way to go. Well, digital may be the long-term future of marketing but print will be around for a long time to come. Would you rather get an email thanking you for a service you recently delivered or receive a handwritten card? If you requested an information pack from a company, what is nicer – a downloaded PDF or a package in the post? Reading a book on an iPad or a Kindle is fine but there is something wonderful about the physicality of turning a page.

There is often no substitute for a well-designed card, flyer, brochure or information pack. We are physical beings and we absorb information through our senses. The combination of touch and sight is a very powerful thing. Imagine you’re at a networking event and someone hands you over a beautifully designed, luxury embossed business card. What does that about that individual and their business? You’re taking the sight of the design, absorbing the touch of the card, how it feels. It’s a very tactile process and this is something that a digital format cannot provide or even come close to.

So yes, here at Audacious Creative, we love print and we love print design. Much of our work for our clients is print design – cards, flyers, leaflets, prospectuses, brochures, information packs, pull-up-banners, menus, etc. No – print is not dead. Far from it.

The huge, undeniable advantage digital marketing has is that is a hugely cost effective way of reaching a much larger and broader audience. By comparison, print is expensive. But print can be more effective than digital. How? Let’s say, for example, that you’re launching a new product that enables factories and engineering firms to better track and manage the attendance and productivity of their staff and will mean huge savings for them. Your perfect target market is traditionally based in trading and industrial estates. You don’t have an existing relationship with them as this is a new product for a new target market so you can’t send out a big email campaign without spamming everyone.

It’s this type of scenario where a targeted and specific print campaign really comes into it’s own. You can either hand-deliver your printed piece or (if you’ve done your homework) can post it to the correct decision maker. That makes for a very powerful tool and gives you a great opportunity to follow up. Also, if there is a tracking number on the flyer, you can also track how successful your campaign has been. Print is perfect when you the sector you are trying to reach and you know where they are.

So, print is far from dead. A client of ours sends out a printed newsletter every two months to his contacts and clients and it’s bringing in new business. I happened to be chatting to another client of ours who receives this newsletter and his comment was, “It’s so nice to get something through the post instead of by email. I actually take time to read it.”

So, print is not dead. Long live print!