The Nexus Programme from Audacious Creative consists of a combination of structured ‘services’ – mainly centred around Workshops, Consultancy and the Manifesto – that aims to help you as a business leader develop, embody and communicate five core elements of your organisation:

  • WHY: your passion, your drive, the heart-and-soul of your business, what makes it stand out from the competition
  • WHO: the personality, the ‘brand’ of your business
  • PURPOSE: your focus, mission and vision
  • CORE VALUES: the underlying ethos of your business, the bedrock and foundation, your non-negotiables
  • CULTURE: your people and how each team member lives out the core values of the organisation for the benefit of everyone and the business

Once those five core elements are in place then a strategy to communicate them (internally and externally) needs to be put in place. Once that strategy is laid out then the platform for lasting growth is established – enabling you to change the conversation so you can win the right kind of clients and hire / retain the right kind of people.

There are two main entry points to Nexus – a Discovery track that gives the client access to nearly 12 hours of online workshops and consultancy along with a simple but powerful deliverable that the client can use immediately to impact their business.

The second is Nexus Core – the focus Programme. This key deliverable is the Business Manifesto as well as a year of ongoing support and advice to help you move from a product / service-based communication stream to a values-based one.

Following on from Core, you then have option to add modules on to the Programme at the point of need including the opportunity to align your brand to your values which includes the writing and design of a brand guidelines document and a programme aimed at developing and enhancing an authentic culture within an organisation. Both modules come with 12 months of ongoing support.

Additional services and support such as workshops and graphic design services can also be commissioned at the point of need.