• Initial 2-hour discovery consultation

  • 2-page summary document with at least three workable outcomes

  • Access to 12 hours of workshops. Topics include Branding, business growth, overcoming challenge and standing out from your competition

Is this you?

You’re an organisation that wants to win more of the right kind of clients and retain or hire the best people. You know a few things need to change but you’re unsure of where to start. You think the the Nexus Programme might be a great way forward but you’re just not sure. If so, Nexus: Discovery is the perfect place to start and get a feel for us and how we work.

What is it?

We recognise that it’s hard – if not impossible – to trust someone or a business you don’t really know. Can they live up to their words? Is everything here is marketing-speak? How do I know they’ll deliver on their promises? Are they a good fit for my business? These are all really valid questions so we’ve created the Discovery track as a way for both of us to see if we are a good fit. It’s a way to test the waters. All of the main Nexus Programme modules come with a monthly fee so this is a way for you to dip your toe in the water before committing to any significant spend.

The Discovery track gives you access to 12 hours of workshops we run to help business leaders meet certain challenges such as branding or how to differentiate yourself from your competition. These are fully interactive and we run them at various points over the course of the year. We can also run these just for you and your team at a time and date to suit everyone. In addition to this, we’ll have a 1-2-1 discovery meeting via Zoom to have a look at some of the challenges you face and how you might be able to resolve them. Once we’ve had that meeting you’ll get a 2-page document summarising the conversation with a at least three workable outcomes for you to implement. The reason we have this meeting over Zoom is so we can record the conversation and send you a copy for future reference.

I attended Stuart Avis’s (from Audacious Creative) branding webinar. He is so generous and gave three hours of his time to share his expertise and passion as well as give an excellent workbook to enable us to continue with the learning to develop our vision for our business once the webinar was over. This enabled me to embed the content that he had taught us. Stuart has a rare combination of care, compassion combined with a passion to enable others to identify their values and their purpose. He can help you ensure that your branding reflects who you really are while creating an embedded sense of purpose to everything that you do so that you can make a contribution to the world while having a full and abundant life. I feel so blessed to be able to collaborate with him, I cannot recommend him enough thank you Stuart.

Dr Lizzy Bernthal, Release Your Potential

I recently attended Stuart’s Bridging the Brand Canyon event which I found very thought provoking. Stu prepared a very well organised, professional course for the business owner who really has no idea about their own brand and what to do about it.

Despite the additional challenges of running a person to person course online, Stu ran a seamless course and I can’t think of a single business owner who could not benefit from this course.

I already have Stu lined up for some projects once we are all properly out and about again and would certainly recommend him to any businesses looking for a passionate and creative designer.

I’d like to register my genuine thanks to you for the inspiring seminar you hosted on recently.
It was a thought-provoking session – it was interactive, enjoyable and led by someone in Stu who is both knowledgeable and passionate about the subject of branding.
I have been involved in sales and marketing for decades and know that it is difficult sometimes to get people to see past ‘brand equals logo’ perspective. But Stu skillfully, took a diverse group to a high level of understanding quickly.
This session was particularly timely for me as I go through re-developing my business strategy in light of recent world events, giving me plenty to think about.
I would have no hesitation in endorsing Audacious Creative as an excellent creative partner.

Mike Allen, Business Doctors
Having attended the Audacious Creative workshop “Bridging the Brand Canyon” I would like to thank Stu for a most informative, and enjoyable morning.

We all learned of the importance of the ways in which we communicate, ideas on how to reach our potential customers, and the most effective channels to use for our particular businesses and much more.

I can honestly say, this was a morning well spent, both from the fact that Stu was a very impressive presenter and the content of what was covered during the workshop.

I can thoroughly recommend Audacious Creative for very effective communication skills and would happily advise anyone to attend this workshop, whatever their business.

Edna Maule-ffinch, EMFF Health
Armstrong Bell is a telecommunications company based in Worcestershire. We specialise in all forms of telephony including Voice over IP and Mobile. We are experts in broadband, networking and WiFi and provide services to businesses and schools across the region.

We recently attended the Audacious Creative course “Bridging the Brand Canyon”. It was an excellent first step in understanding the true purpose of Marketing. I have been consistently impressed by the clear thinking and presentation of complicated ideas by Stu Avis. He has proposed a social media communications plan to Armstrong Bell to improve engagement with our target audience and our own staff. We’re looking forward to getting started with that project.

We understand that clarity and consistency is very important when we tell people who we are and why we do what we do. We are confident that we can start to get our message across clearly.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Audacious Creative and “Bridging the Brand Canyon” to anyone who is looking to get their business seen and heard.

William Copley, Armstrong Bell
We recently signed up to “Bridging the Brand Canyon”, an online course run by Stu Avis from Audacious Creative. With no marketing background and unsure of what to expect I was really impressed with the quality of both the content and the delivery.

We worked through several steps firstly thinking about marketing in general terms and what is meant by a brand and then thinking more specifically about how we market our own businesses. We considered who are customers are and why they buy our services and then went on to formulate a plan to ensure we could put our learning into practical steps to help our business. This was delivered in a jargon free way that was fun and easy to understand.

I would not hesitate to recommend Stu Avis at Audacious Creative to any business looking to improve their marketing.

Susan Hathaway, Prestige Chauffeurs