A man much wiser than I once said that to really get through something – to really focus – you need to dig deep.

At the start of each year, I reflect on what has gone before and envision what lies ahead for the coming 12 months and then decide my critical goals and then develop and implement a strategy to achieve those goals.

Last year (2014) I achieved nearly everything all I set out to and so when I sat down in January to look ahead, I decided that in order to really get the most out of my business for this year, to meet my goals and grow the business in line with its potential, I needed to go into 12 months of Mole Mode.

Now, I have to be honest and say that Mole Mode is not my concept. One of my favourite illustrators is Von Glitschka (@vonster, website) and he talks about the importance of turning the phone and emails off, shutting away all distractions and just focussing on a particular creative job. He calls this process going into Mole Mode, with the latin strapline Cavo Profundum: Dig Deep.

So I have taken this concept of digging deep and being really focussed and applied it to the whole of my business. This year I am being really intentional about doing things right, being more in control of my time and projects (rather then them controlling me). I’m working on growing and deepening my client base with a big focus on marketing. I’m digging deep into my own resources, striving to be a better designer and broadening my creative horizons.

So I’ve taken on bigger and more challenging projects and worked with others who are pushing my boundaries and encouraging me to not stand still. I’ve restructured my entire working week so I can be more effective and clearer-headed. I’ve ditched a load of periphery systems and focussed only on the things that either work or have long-term potential. I’m sketching more and mood-boarding intensively. I’m doing brand new things to market my business. And I’m trying to be more intentional about every aspect of every day and work practice.

I’m also asking, with the help of others, some very awkward questions:
– what are we / am I really good at: where do we excel?
– where does my heart really lie: are we headed in the right direction and how do we get there?
– what’s the long term future for Audacious Creative?
– what do I want Audacious Creative to be known for?
– what / where is our sweet spot?

It’s been difficult. It’s been challenging. It’s been painful and really hard work. But it’s also been huge fun and greatly rewarding. And so, 4 months into the year, I am encouraged to keep going and have surrounded myself with a team who will nag, motivate, challenge and exhort me to keep on being better. And for their support I am grateful and blessed.

Until next time – Cavo Profundum.