I was recently asked to do a 10-minute presentation on my company and my work and so I chose a topic close to my heart: intentional design.

As a designer, every element of every design – colour, typeface, white space, logo, use of image, strapline, copy – communicates something about you, your company and the values that underpin it. Whether you like it or not, you logo or corporate identity all communicates something to your audience. The question is: is it communicating what you want it to communicate.

And that’s where the intentionality of design kicks in. My job as a creative designer is to help tease out the elements that you feel are important about your company and then find the most effective, efficient and appropriate way of expressing those values through design. It has to be a blend of form and function. If a design looks great but says nothing then it’s bad design. Period. It may be great art but it’s bad design.

For me, design communicates different things to different people on different levels and so that’s why design has to be intentional. And that’s why good design is never cheap – so much more goes into design than most people realise! Good design – design that lasts and communicates the right message – takes time to imagine, develop and create.