What a couple of months it’s been! We’ve celebrated our fifth birthday with over one hundred local businesses, we’ve started working with some awesome new clients and been asked to mentor a new business owner to help get her marketing consultancy business up and running! Plus we’ve welcomed a new team member – Josh – into the Audacious family! A week of much-needed annual leave beckons and then it’s the mad rush up to (dare I say it) Christmas!

And it’s Christmas that I want us to think about. More specifically, it’s the Spirit of Christmas that’s been occupying my thinking of late. Maybe it’s just me, but this year seems (more than ever) to have been filled with news of man’s inhumanity to man, natural disasters wiping out whole communities, poverty and trafficking on the rise, thousands of people rising their lives in small boats to escape was and violence – just a relentless wave of untold misery.

But, and here’s the good bit, there have also been countless tales of people going out of their way to help others, stories of genuine heroism in the face of adversity and accounts of people really striving to make a difference to their communities, their workplace or even to the lives of total strangers. The world is full of amazing people doing amazing things every day. It’s just we don’t hear about it as much. Sadly, it’s not as newsworthy.

For me, the Spirit of Christmas is all about considering others before yourself. It’s about generosity, kindness and compassion. And the beauty of these values is that they are actionable every day of the year. Every day, we’re presented with (often small) opportunities to put the Spirit of Christmas into action and I’m hoping that you’re willing to play your part in an inspirational experiment.

I think it’s time we acknowledged and celebrated all the amazing things that happen every day that no-one seems to notice – those random acts of kindness, the generous things people do for each other, the selfless everyday acts that define our humanity. And so I would love it if you would join me in doing four really simple things…

Observe: you’ll be surprised where you’ll see the Christmas Spirit alive and well.
Celebrate: recognise these random acts of kindness on twitter by using #thechristmasspirit
Share: tell others about #thechristmasspirit and get them to join in.
Do: put #thechristmasspirit into action yourself.

Here are a couple of examples:

Thank you to lovely person at work who washed my mug up for me #thechristmasspirit
Check out this inspirational video (link) #thechristmasspirit
Just seen a hassled mum give up her seat on the bus to a guy on crutches #thechristmasspirit

Let’s see how far we can take this and celebrate the everyday goodness that we see.

Happy Christmas!