My daughter has just turned four and her favourite film at the moment is Disney’s Frozen. She watches it at least once a week and loves the main song Let It Go. I come home most days to find her belting out the song at the top of her voice! But it was whilst I was watching the film clip with her the other day that inspiration struck. Movies are a bit of a passion of mine and there is so much we can learn from them, so I thought it would be cool idea to link various clips from some of my favourite films to lessons we apply to our businesses.  So here is Episode 1: Frozen.

If you’ve not seen the film, it’s about two princess sisters Elsa and Anna who live in the Kingdom of Arendelle. Elsa was born with a power to create and manipulate snow and ice, but Arendelle is not a place where magic is valued. To cut a long story short, Elsa is banned from usng her powers and is shut away from the world and all those in the palace – including Anna. During her coronation celebration, Elsa and Anna argue and, unable to contain her emotions Elsa unleashes the full force of her powers and she flees, afraid of who she is and what she has done. And she leaves Arendelle in deepest winter. It’s as she is climbing up the North Mountain that our clip starts as she realises that she doesn’t have to hide any more and she can be who she wants to be. Her full potential is realised as she revels in the power she has kept hidden for so long. At this stage of the film she still feels she has to hide away and it’s only at the end of the movie that her power is used for the benefit of all.

But her journey to realising her full potential starts here.

And so my point is this: what is holding your business back from realising it’s full potential? What would happen if you were able to set aside all that restricts you and really Let It Go? As you watch the clip, see how Elsa’s face changes from fear and doubt to joy and revelling in her new-found freedom.

So what has all of this got to do with creative design? Good design shouldn’t communicate WHAT you do but rather WHO you are and WHY you do what you do. A prospective client came to me with an all-to-familiar story: they were struggling to communicate their business to the wider world in a way that was different. As we explored this together, they began to realise that they had lost their passion and vision for their business and they had tried to hide their very outgoing and infectious personality behind a calm and professional mask. Their website, logo and marketing collateral were all very good and well designed but reflected none of the personality of the person behind the business. And it was holding them back.

We’re now in the middle of a rebrand project and it’s going well. But, and here’s the whole crux of the matter – this particular individual has changed. They have chosen to be themselves and the response had (unsurprisingly) been very positive. Their business is already beginning to grow and evolve and it’s wonderful to see the confidence and joy my client now exudes. He has chosen to unleash the potential in his business. He has big plans and dreams and I can’t wait to see him achieve all that now believes he can.

We all (me included) choose to hold back, to let doubt and fear and circumstances get in the way of all that we (and our businesses) can be. Maybe it’s time we all decided to Let It Go.