Social Media is where it’s at, with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounting for vast amounts of web traffic. If you’re a serious blogger, a people-based organisation or company, then you must be active in the social media arena. There is no real option. So here’s my roundup of absolutely essential social media plugins…

Digg Digg
In a nutshell – Allows you to place various social media icons in your posts to allow people to like, share, tweet and anything else they want to. The range of options is incredible.
Easy to install, you can either root the icons in the post (as I do) or float them to one side. This is an absolute must for bloggers.

Facebook Likes You
In a nutshell – combines a FB Like button and a FB live feed direct onto your site and also allows visitors to see who else is following you.
Having tried dozens of similar plugins, this one was by far the easiest to set up and get going. A fabulous plugin/widget.

Social Media Widget
In a nutshell – places a wide array of social media icons in a widget for visitors to access in one click.
So simple and effective and allows me to combine all my social media activity in one place for people to check out. I love the mailto: option as well. You can even use your own preferred custom icons should the whim take you. Option-tastic.

Twitter for WordPress
In a nutshell – places a live Twitter feed in a bar at the foot of your site. Also comes with a handy sidebar widget
This may be a bit too subtle for some, but this is the main reason why I like it. Again, pure simplicity to set up and get working on your site. Another excellent one I use (I tend to vary these) is My Tweets – a similar widgetised plugin but with way more options.

There are loads more excellent social media plugins out there. Which ones do you use? Why?