Over the last few months I’ve come to love WordPress for being an incredibly powerful, yet outstandingly easy-to-use Content Management System. It’s an ideal (and cost-effective) solution for many of my clients who want a great-looking website that they can maintain and manage.

As a designer who develops WordPress sites and blogs for clients, I have a constant requirement to add excellent functionality but not at the expense of user-friendliness – especially when it’s the clients who will be managing and maintaining their own sites.

Having spent countless hours researching, installing and using a vast amount of plugins for a wide variety of uses, I’ve decided to write my own mini blog series based on my own personal findings.

Note: the plugins mentioned are almost certainly not one-of-their kind or, maybe even the best in their field, but these are the ones I’ve found to be the most user-friendly, accessible, and give the precise functionality I require.

This series is split into four episodes:
Stats and Stuff: Plugins for developers
Social Media: Plugins to connect and communicate
WP Essentials: Plugins for all occasions
Security: Plugins to protect your site

So… let’s get on with things then…