Like any other form of marketing, email marketing is a long term game, you can’t just expect one email to turn in dozens of clients.Unless you’re really lucky, it’s highly unlikely that you will anyway! Using email for marketing is a very good way to reach out to your customers or target market on a regular basis and give them information or advice that even you find intriguing or just fun. It is also a good way to promote your business on many different platforms that your business is on such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

A good email marketing campaign requires a few things; consistency, a good strategy, an audience and a good email marketing platform such as MailChimp. Consistency is key in email marketing as it will show professionalism when a customer or the target market receives the email on a regular basis, if the email is consistent and the content in the email is great then hopefully the receiver will be looking forward to getting the next email in their inbox. A good strategy is important as there isn’t a point in sending out emails with content that isn’t relevant to you all of the time.

It’s best to make the email you send out more value-based than sales-based. Why? Making your email values-based is highly efficient way of allowing you to be seen as an expert and having something to offer or give away makes the email far more interesting to read for the reader. The art of value based email campaigns is in the information that you are giving out to the receiver, people love topical discussions or personal stories, this makes the email more interesting to them. The more personal and interesting the email is the less of a chance that the email doesn’t get read and therefore gets deleted.

Why not also use your email to tell a story of how you once helped a client or made how you made a difference in a particular situation. Why not connect the story to a piece of advice that you have given or just to make a point. This is a great way to impress a client or a future client. In an email it is important to address the the receiver properly, instead of ‘Dear business owner’, make it ‘Dear John’ or ‘Dear Suzanne’. You should always make them feel more appreciated with the emails they get through.

We all hate junk and spam emails. At least, Stu does. So here are five hints and tips to make sure people don’t see your emails as spam and delete your emails before they’ve had a chance to read them!

Make sure your mailing list up-to-date and is personally addressed.
Don’t use purchased mailing lists. That person has not requested your email and you run the risk of being blacklisted if you’re reported!
If you go networking don’t automatically add everyone to your mailing list. Why not send them a one-off email saying how good it was to meet them and would they mind if you put them on your mailing list as you’d love to stay in touch.
Is there a sign-up form on your website? If not, why not? But have you got the Double Opt-In system? That’s best practice and a much better way of ensuring people stay subscribed.
Deliver great content! We all hate being sold to all the time so make your content interesting, fun and something people look forward to reading!