This is the third in a short series, so you might want to go and read this one first:

In the last post I discussed the advantages of value-based email marketing. Making your email campaign values-based is far more effective than sales-based. It allows you to be seen as an expert and having some thing to offer or give away makes for far more interesting reading. The final piece of the puzzle is being consistent. There is no point in doing one roind of emails. You have to keep sending them out on a regular basis. After all – not everyone itches at the same time!

Like any good form of marketing, email marketing is a long-term game. You may be very fortunate and the first round of emails you send out have a huge impact. I’ve seen it happen. But most of the time, people will take time to respond. It’s well known that the average person has to be given the same bit of information seven – yes, SEVEN – times before responding appropriately. So plugging away, sending out the types of mail I talked about in my last blog post, and keeping at it is worth the effort. Sure it can seem like you’re banging your head against a brick wall but the effort is always worth it.

So what’s a good approach? Well, there is no one right ‘do this and you’ll reap the rewards’ answer. But you need a plan – a strategy. Obviously, this needs to fit into your wider marketing strategy (you do have one, dont’ you?) but a simple plan of approach is always a good thing.

One good way is to plan 12 months of emails into a specific sector (one per month) with the content and call to actions already agreed. Then deliver that message at the same time every month – people will come to expect and look forward to the advice and stories they receive. That way, you are more likely to meet them at their point of need somewhere over the course of the year. It’s the same with blogging. Plan your content, get them written and scheduled and then you’re away.

Whatever the plan is, you have to stick to it, dedicate some time to it and be consistent in delivery time, approach and content. Consistency is one the 5 C’s and is vital for keeping your brand alive and kicking.

What experience have you had with email marketing? What has worked for you? What’s been a disaster? Why not share your stories and we can learn from each other.

I’ve had a few people ask for a post on comparing email marketing platforms. I tend to favour MailChimp for my clients as it’s simple, easy to use and free but there are loads of others out there that are more powerful and feature-laden: Aweber, Constant Contact, Active Campaign, InfusionSoft, Campaign Monitor among them. All have their pros and cons so here’s one blog post I found that you might find useful. Please bear in mind it was written in 2013.

Hope this helps. Have a great week.