• Workshop (either in person or via Zoom) with whole team to enable ownwership of the core values of the company and to agree the ‘rules’ that everyone in the organisation abides by.
  • 1.5-hour survey with a select group of clients to assess values alignment and perception.
  • Writing and designing of an ‘Our Culture’ document that summarises that consultation. Print-ready and web-ready PDFs to be supplied.
  • Development of a strategy to embed the work done with your team into the life of your company and to look at how this work impacts your internal and external communications.

  • Monthly 1-hour check-in meetings to assess progress and implementation of strategy and support where needed.

Is this you?

You’ve been going great guns and have built something you’re really proud of. You’ve got a team of people working with you and you want to push on for more. You’ve got a clear vision for the future but you feel there are a few things holding you back. Your marketing messaging just doesn’t cut it any more and doesn’t really differentiate you from the competition. In addition, you’ve got a few challenges with your team. Not everyone seems to be pulling in the same direction and you feel it’s holding you back. You want to grow your team but you want to make sure you hire the right kind of people for your organisation. You know you need some outside help in making some changes and want to bring someone in who can not only work with you but your team as well. After all, they have the potential to be your greatest asset. If you’re facing challenges like this then the Culture Club module is for you.

What is it?

We recognise that your team are both your business’ greatest potential asset and its greatest potential weakness. Wouldn’t it be great if your people identified with and shared a common set of values that bound them together to achieve new heights? An authentic culture that empowered individuals to make decisions in the way that you would approve, a culture that enables everyone to help each other perform at their peak and a culture that shines like a beacon externally – attracting the right kind of customers and the right kind of new employees?!

That is what this optional module aims to achieve. Through a combination of consultancy, team-based workshops, design and monthly support, the Culture Club module helps everyone in your business own the core values and purpose for themselves so they can all pull in the same direction together – thus creating an authentic culture that empowers, equips and enables every team member to be the best that they can be so they, and your business, can thrive and flourish.