Creativity comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. I have a deeply held belief that everyone has a creative streak in them. It might find its outlet in the code you write, the insurance policy you put together, the way you do admin for your clients or the marketing plans you write, but whatever it is that you do well, you do with passion and creativity.

But here’s my question – are you creative in ALL aspects of your business life? Do you approach the humdrum aspects of your business with the same creative attitude (if not flair) that you approach the fun and main parts of your daily work life?

In my opinion, creativity can be demonstrated in three main ways:

Attitude – the mindset with which you approach every area of your working life
Ideas – the thinking and concepts you come up with to tackle your daily tasks
Output – the tangible results of your attitude and ideas
This is not the space to go into depth on these three, but here’s a personal example that might help you be more creative in your business.

I hate admin. I loathe it. I’m not good at it and I get no pleasure from it. And because I don’t have a PA it’s a daily part of my work life – something I have to do whether I like it or not. So I was challenged to find a way of making this aspect of my work more enjoyable and easier to manage.

The first thing I had to do was change my attitude – to not see admin as a necessary evil to be burdened with, but an essential part of my business that, if done properly, would free my mind and my time to do the things I do get pleasure out of. It took some time and, to be honest, I’m still working at it, but I’m way better than I was.

The second thing was to come up with some good ideas on how to do admin better. So I talked to people who were good at it and it came naturally to them and was given some great advice that I was able to implement. The best piece of advice was ‘keep it simple’. I was always the person who would spend my entire revision leave designing a beautiful revision timetable rather than just getting on with it! So I simplified a few things and – hey presto! – I was well on the way.

Lastly the output. I combined my new attitude and ideas into two or three workable processes that work for me and my business. I’m still not fond of admin, but I have a good, simple and effective system (most of the time) that works and works well. I just need to be disciplined in keeping to those processes – and that, for me, is where my challenge lies.