For me, this has to be the guiding principle, the cornerstone of running a business and growing your brand. As you may have read in this blog post I have assigned this year as the Year of the Mole. I have dug deep into the very foundations of Audacious Creative to rediscover the heart and soul of the business, to reconnect with WHY I do WHAT I do, and to be absolutely clear on the the core message of the business.

As a result of digging deep, I realised that I wasn’t communicating the core purpose of the business with any clarity. I was confused and that came across in most of my communication streams.

And so it was time to make some essential changes. I’ve redesigned and rewritten the website and I’ve worked hard on getting the tone of voice correct. I’ve chosen a suite of images that effectively communicate what I feel and what I believe needs to be said to help my audience (of which you are a valued part) connect with me and the business.

The fundamental lesson I have learned (again!) is that clarity is critical to the growth of any business or organisation. I have sat down and asked myself three important questions – and they are questions that I share with you in the hope that you find the answers that will shape your business in the coming months and lead to a thriving and growing organisation.

At our very core, what are the fundamental values and principles that are the foundation of the business? How do I express these at the moment? How can I do this better?
What is our Story? How am I telling it and who is hearing it? What is my tone of voice? How can I do this better?
I believe my business has vast potential. What do I need to do to unlock it? Where am I going and how am I going to get there? Who do I need to work with? Where can I improve and how?
Answering these questions have not been easy. There has been much soul searching, many sleepless nights, thoughts written down, crossed out, rewritten again and again. I have spoken to people I trust to help clarify my thinking and seek their advice, wisdom and expertise. I’ve taken time out my business to work on my business. It’s been a huge investment of time, energy and money but the results have been phenomenal and Audacious Creative is both growing and thriving.

So, this week, why not start this week by committing, over the next five weeks, to spend time working on your business and (I hope) you will begin to see the results that will kick start the last quarter of 2015.