Welcome to the first of the guest blog posts. This week I’m delighted that Kim O’Rourke from Merrie Marketing has taken some time out to write some real words of wisdom. Read on…

A few weeks ago, I overheard someone say “creating a brand is expensive, and takes a long time to do…”. Whilst I don’t necessarily disagree with the second part of their statement, the first is wrong.

You see, from a marketing perspective – any communication you do…any message you put out there…any niche you want to go after… any design you want done for new logos and websites….starts with the creation of your brand.

Yes, your brand is definitely about how your customers perceive and see you, but their thoughts have to start somewhere. And that “somewhere” is you, and your vision for your business or organisation.

The creation of your brand starts with you deciding how you want your business to be perceived. What values are you trying to portray? What culture do you want within your organisation? What is your company ethos? What are actually “about”? How do you want your staff to deal with your customers and suppliers? What kind of customers are you trying to attract?

There are far more questions than this to be answered, but the answer to these will determine what kind of brand you are trying to create. Ie – “We want to be seen as a fun, funky and relaxed organisation…” or “we want our donors to be as emotionally involved in our charity as we are…”

From there, it makes it easy to brief a designer.

It also makes it easy to create a marketing plan: your messages, the media you choose, the timing of your media, your target audience, your strapline – all become far easier to communicate from a marketing perspective when you are clear about your brand and what you want to portray.

And if you are clear about what message you want to portray, then your customers will pick up on that message and will think about you what you want them to think about you.

And that makes your marketing suddenly very effective!

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