• 3-hour brand check up session to review marketing collateral that results in a 2-page assessment and improvement document with at least three
    workable outcomes.
  • Development, design and writing of a comprehensive values-based Brand Guidelines document for internal use. Delivered in PDFs for web and print.
  • 6 2-monthly 1-hour check-in meetings for 12 months

Is this you?

You’ve been going for a while now and seen some great success but you seem to have plateaued a bit recently. You feel that your marketing messaging lacks clarity and is inconsistent as you’ve used a number of designers / suppliers over the years. Nothing really seems to really work anymore. You don’t want to rebrand as you know your brand has a strong value and it’s a costly process anyway. You want to stand out from your competition but not sure of where to start. You want to push on to further growth and greater success but know a few things need to be sorted out but you can’t see the wood for the trees. IF so, the Brand Booster module might just be the thing you need.

What is it?

Brand Booster is an option module aimed at helping you as the business leader align your entire brand with your values and ensure that all of your communication and marketing channels are aligned too. This module also comes with a year of support and the writing and design of a brand guidelines document and an action plan to ensure that you stay on track with where you want your brand to be.