So, a blog about a blog? Yes, this is really going to happen!

Blogging for a business is a great way to reach out to your customers or target market. This could be by using inspirational quotes or little snippets of an interesting article that has grabbed your attention so you wish to share it to others.

What really belongs in a blog?
A blog can include many things, but really it all depends on the people that you want it to reach out to. The most common used things in a blog are hints, tips and bits of useful advice, but some businesses use blogs to tell people how the business is going, or to update people in the latest
ongoings in the business. Really there is no right or wrong answer, It’s your blog post, your choice.

Every good blog post needs to serve a purpose. Are you using it to inform or update your existing audience? Are you writing blogs to demonstrate your expertise in a certain area? Are you using it to showcase something? Whatever the purpose of your blogs, there are a few things that have to happen to make a blog function properly. It’s got to make the reader want to read on – there’s no point in writing a blog if the reader reads the first few lines then believes the rest is going to be boring so they stop, therefore the blog doesn’t get read. It’s also got to make the reader think, challenging them, make them ask questions and get the readers brain going!

In this day and age most people don’t have lot of time in the day to sit down and read a blog post week in week out, A good blog length is around 400 – 500 words. If written well, this should be enough to fill it jam-packed full with content and questions with hints and tips too. So, therefore you’ve got to make the reader want to read it, make them feel intrigued and willing to read on by putting some great questions or facts and tips. This is the only way you could possibly guarantee your blogs will get read all the way through. Having said that, if what you write is extremely awesome then it doesn’t matter that much about how long it is – people will read through to the end!

Do you blog? If so, how often? What role does blogging play in your marketing strategy? If you’ve not considered this before, maybe it’s time to give it some thought.